Wolfhouse, a classic mid century modern home located in Newburgh, NY, was built in 1949 by the preeminent American architect Philip Johnson, and commissioned by Benjamin V. Wolf. Set atop a hillside just north of the Newburgh-Beacon bridge with panoramic views of the Hudson River, Wolfhouse bears much in common with Johnson’s most famous home, The Glass House, erected the same year.

Meticulously restored to its original condition in 2020, Wolfhouse has now been reimagined as a cultural space with year-round programming.

Photo by Chris Daniele

Philip Johnson

Upon graduating from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 1945, Philip Johnson quickly completed high-profile posts in the design and architecture world. Johnson first explored architecture as a critic and curator as head of MoMA’s Architecture Department.

As a young architect seizing the zeitgeist of Modernism, Johnson’s dialogue with Mies Van der Rohe resulted in a storied body of early work that bears his hallmark architectural style: open-plan homes with seamless circulation and plate glass walls offering expansive views of the surrounding natural landscape.

The Wolfhouse Today

We are:

• A BIPOC-driven incubator for forward-thinking art & design across physical and digital mediums.

• A virtual and physical exhibition space

• A living showroom concept featuring custom furniture and design objects

Located in a region with a rich history of architecture and design, Wolfhouse is introducing creative programs that build on this legacy while supporting diversity and inclusivity. Wolfhouse is committed to elevating the pioneering voices that shape culture today.

Newburgh, NY

Newburgh, like Philip Johnson, has shared a tumultuous and dynamic past. Once serving as the headquarters to George Washington’s Continental Army during the American Revolution, Newburgh is now rapidly modernizing its infrastructure. Across the river lies the vibrant and artistic city of Beacon. That creative community has quickly spread from Beacon to Newburgh — as demonstrated in not only the emerging boutiques and art spaces but also culinary experiences and local brands setting roots in this beautiful, historic town.

DIA: Beacon

The Wolfhouse is a 14-minute drive to Dia: Beacon, the art-world mecca comprised of large-scale installations and artworks on extended view in monumental galleries. Dia has singlehandedly revitalized the town of Beacon, transforming the region into an art destination.

Storm King Art Center

A 20-minute drive from the Wolfhouse is Storm King Art Center, a 500-acre outdoor museum. Committed to supporting artists and stewarding its landscape, Storm King featurelarge-scale sculpture and site-specific commissions under the sky.

The Glass House

The Wolfhouse is a 60 mile drive to Philip Johnson’s masterwork, the Glass House in New Caanan, Connecticut.


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Photo by Matthew Johnson